背下这些模板句式 = 完成了80%的考研英语大作文!

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01 功 能 表 达:……值得关注—be worth doing/n.


This picture is particularly worth concern for the reason that the painter focuses his eyesight on the contemporary family education in China.


This phenomenon/ tendency is particularly worth concerning/concern for the reason that young people focus only on stars’fashionable but superficial lifestyles, ignoring the significant virtues of stars.


This movie is particularly worth watching.



These drawings can be naturally associated with two different attitudes toward books. (2017)

02 现 象


A host of youngsters, in the contemporary society, are fascinated with various stars. (A case in point is the picture, in which …)


A host of people, in the contemporary society, purchased a considerable number of books, but scarcely have they read books.

03 突 出 特 征


This cartoon is best characterized by the negative and positive impacts of cell phone upon the contemporary life. (In the drawing, …)



Many successful people are characterized by their confidence, optimism, diligence, enthusiasm for books, cooperative spirit, perseverance …

04 比 喻


Cooperation can be likened to a journey, leading to success. (A typical example is the picture, in which …)


Cultural communication, to my understanding, can be likened to a bridge, which links China and the world.

05 排 比


Confidence, as a vital quality, brings us hope, arouses our enthusiasm for success and helps us to conquer difficulties.

06 危 害


Unfortunately, parents’ excessive protection has constituted an obstacle that hinders their children’s healthy growth.

07 观 点


I, as a tourist, believe that the behaviors in the picture are rather uncivilized.


As a youngster, I believe that it is quite necessary for us to purchase books, and it is of greater necessity to acquire knowledge by reading books.

08 号 召


When educating the children, parents should bear in mind that the power a positive model is infinite.

09 图 片 描 述 范 例


Inside a huge warm house, there is a delicate flower, growing vigorously and blossoming, with the house protecting it from the outside storm.


Although it seems strong and healthy in the greenhouse, the plant dies quickly after it is put in the rain, with its petals falling in the wind.


Eventually/Initially, several Chinese characters can be noticed, which say that the flower in the greenhouse cannot withstand the storm.


This scene looks funny at the first sight but enlightening on the second thought.

10 提 建 议


I, as a college student, am convinced that it is quite necessary forpeople to purchase books, but it is of greater necessity for them to acquire knowledge through reading books. (排比+递进)


The society as a whole should forge a wholesome atmosphere to criticize, reject and restrain the immoral behaviors in public places.

英 语 二




01 图 标 综 述


Given is a column chart which clearly illustrates the striking contrasts in the subscription of cell phones between developing and developed nations from 2000 to 2008.


These are two line graphs that clearly demonstrate the close relation between illegal hunting and the extinction of species in a certain region of west China from 1963 to 2003.


There is a column chart which clearly illustrates the striking contrasts in the consumption of residents during the Spring Festival in a certain city of China.

02 数 据 上 升


During the first 7 years, the number of cell phones subscribed by developed nations showed a slight increase, from 0.6 billion to 0.9 billion.


Since then, it surged remarkably, reaching the peak at 4 billion in 2008.

03 数 据 稳 定


The number/ It maintained stable at 1 billion in 2007 and 2008.

04 占 比 / 排 序


The expense on gifts for the New Year is the largest proportion, accounting for 40%. Then the next are fees on transportation and gathering dinners, with the same 20%.


Finally comes the total expenditure on others, at 20%.

05 图 表 联 系 主 旨


Such a scenario can be naturally associated with the speedy advancement of cell phone industry in the world. But what resulted in the differences above? At least two reasons can account for this phenomenon.


Such a scene can be naturally associated with the popularity/ significance / fierce competition ….

We can naturally associated such a scene with the popularity /significance / fierce competition …

06 …… 的 特 征 是


For one thing, in recent years, developing countries were characterized by its prosperity in economy, which enabled residents there to possess additional money to afford the cell phone service. A case in point is China.

07 对 比


For another, compared with developing countries, citizens in developed nations were much richer/ wealthier and their population was smaller. Therefore, a large proportion of people there purchase mobile phones years ago.

08 排 比


Stying abroad/Oversea study brings young people more opportunities, arouses their enthusiasm for foreign cultures and helps them broaden their horizons.

09 建 议


Accordingly, it is essential for cell phone manufacturers to focus more eyesight on the huge market in developing countries.

10 制 定 综 合 策 略


Meanwhile, it is advisable for them to work out comprehensive strategies to strengthen the quality of cars and after-sale service.

11 展 望 未 来


Provided that they try their utmost to do so, the future of the cell industry will be hopeful.

12 提 出 建 议



Whether each part of the expense is rational or not, it is of great significance for people to enjoy the joyous atmosphere of the new year.